Breaking the Limits
24 Party
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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24 Party

"Hihihi, boy I like your confidence." The skeleton spoke with a smile, "Boy, you must have already realized a strange energy connected with your understanding of the sword, this is the law of the sword one of the most difficult laws to comprehend throughout the universe."

Ming is listening to him closely, he is very interested in the energy of laws, in fact the energy of laws is more interesting to Ming Zi than the celestial energy, since the celestial energy is only an energy that emanates from the heavens the energy of laws seem much more intriguing.

"A cultivator who cultivates for heavenly energy will forever be held hostage to the will of the heavens because the heavens decide how much energy they will send to the lower worlds. The energy of the laws is different because it is free from the influence of the heavens, but the energy of the laws is only powerful if one gains a great understanding of the law. " Feng Zaotian explained to Ming Zi.

"You have just understood the law of the sword but you still do not know how to use the law, that makes you weaker than a person who cultivates celestial energy, since celestial energy growers do not need to understand the energy they are using. "

Ming Zi is amazed at the potential that laws have and especially he is amazed at the freedom that the energy of the laws offers, he does not want to be held hostage by the heavens Ming Zi prefers to work hard to understand a law and use it in battle.

"I was formerly known to the God of laws because I refused to cultivate celestial energy, I was able to understand various laws, and I was able to master and control these laws, that made the heavens angry, they will never accept anyone who does not surrender their will. " Feng Zaotian spoke with mockery in his voice, he is mocking the selfishness of the heavens.

"But they could not kill me since my understanding of the laws made me become one with them. Basically I am part of the universe now so the heavens can not kill me, if they killed me it would be the same as destroying a law of the universe imagine the universe without gravity. " Feng Zaotian spoke with pride, he worked very hard to reach the level of understanding he has on the laws.

"Would not that make you an immortal? Then why are you dying?" Ming Zi asked with a confused expression.

"My understanding of the laws is eternal so in this case I am immortal.But my body and soul are still mortal so I will die anyway, only my understanding of the laws of water, wind and gravity will survive . " Feng Zaotian spoke in a sad voice.

"But let's not talk about it anymore, I left my inheritance at the end of this forest so let's focus on just drinking today, since today is the day of my death." Feng Zaotian rose again to get more drinks, this time he brought ten bottles of different types of alcohol.

"Hahahahaha, really, partying is the best thing to do when you're near to die." Ming Zi said with a smile, he took a bottle and drank the contents inside without even putting in the glass.

"HiHIHIHIHIHIH, boy, this is the spirit, but do not forget this old man here." Feng Zaotian also grabbed a bottle and drank all the contents.

After several bottles the two of them were completely drunk, Ming Zi could not understand how a fucking skeleton could get drunk.

"Hey, hey, Mr. skeleton, tell me how your kind can reproduce." Ming Zi spoke looking down at the skeleton.

"Your disrespectful brat, our race can reproduce asexually, you are so young you should study more. Ahhhhhh this generation really is disappointing." Feng Zaotian spoke in an angry voice.

"Ah, now I get it.HEY, HEY, BUT WHAT THE FUCKING PARTY IS THAT? WHERE'S THE MUSIC, WAITER THE MUSIC." Ming Zi is screaming for an imaginary waiter.

"Hey you son of a bitch do not be disrespectful, the waiters also have feelings. PLEASE WAITER TO CONNECT THE MUSIC." Feng Zaotian also spoke to the imaginary waiter.

But after a while they realized that the 'waiter' was ignoring them.

"This is really the first time someone ignores me." Feng Zaotian said, he is furious with the 'waiter'.

"Do not worry I know some songs, so feel honored by this young master singing here." Ming Zi spoke with an arrogant face.

Ming Zi put his arm over Feng Zaotian's shoulder and began to sing and dance with him, this party lasted all night and at some point the party Ming Zi could not take it anymore and slept.

Waking up in the morning Ming Zi only saw a pile of white dust beside him, he knew that this was Feng Zaotian who unfortunately died. Even though Ming Zi did not know much about Feng Zaotian Ming Zi still saw him as a friend, one person did not need to meet another for hundreds of years to become her friend, he just needs a minute of complete sincerity and companionship with that person for they become great friends.
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Ming Zi collected the remains of Feng Zaotian and led out of the cave, outside he threw his 'ashes' into the sky.

"You were sealed during your life inside that cave, at least at your death you can see the world from the outside." Ming Zi spoke in a sad voice, even though he believes that death is only the beginning of a new adventure it is still sad to see a friend die.

"Ahhhhhh, how weird is it raining in the desert?" Ming Zi said, it was not really raining was just the tears that Ming Zi did not admit he's pouring.


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