Breaking the Limits
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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25 Books

Returning inside the cave Ming Zi regained his composure, he went straight to the end of the forest since he did not have much time because he had less than a year to return to the city of glory, if he takes longer he does not even know what can happen to him. 'Face that murderous intent that Xiao Ning'er still gives me shivers.' Cold sweat was coming down Ming Zi's back.

Arriving at the end of the forest Ming Zi saw an incredible scene, in front of him is a white palace with gold strands passing through it, this structure contrasted completely with the forest ecosystem.

Ming Zi entered inside the palace and walked all over the place, it took more than an hour for him to walk all over the place, Ming Zi noted that the palace is divided into three main areas: the library, the training room and the treasures of Feng Zaotian.

Ming Zi first decided to look at the treasure room, entering the place Ming Zi almost fainted from shock he was shocked at what he saw inside the room. Inside the room there are various metals and minerals that are extremely rare such as level 7 metals and minerals that also manages to absorb energy from the law, and the most important part these metals are absorbing the energy of law for centuries if not millennia.

With these materials Ming Zi is sure that he can create one of the most powerful weapons in the world, and he is in need of a new weapon since his sword blade is badly damaged.

As Ming Zi walked through the treasury, he was impressed, 'Old man you've been really greedy in life, no wonder people have sealed you.' Ming Zi spoke into his head with a wry smile, until Ming Zi suddenly stopped his face went pale and his body began to shake, the cause of this reaction was a set of five metal balls that are extremely normal.

"HOW DID THIS OLD MAN FIND THAT ??? That kind of metal has ceased to exist." Ming Zi spoke with a mixture of fear and excitement.

These metal balls have various names, 'soul metal', 'liquid metal', 'divine metal' this just to begin with, the reason this material is so powerful is that it is a metal that connects with the soul of its owner , also these iron balls are indestructible and especially this metal gets stronger as the owner strengthens.

Ming Zi did not waste time and grabbed the five balls, he shed blood in three of the five balls he wanted to give two to Xiao Ning'er, Ming Zi began to deploy soul force inside the balls, in the beginning nothing happened took more than an hour with he deploying soul force inside the balls until they dissolved inside the arm of Ming Zi, or more specifically within the soul of Ming Zi.

"It's amazing that they're part of me." Ming Zi is impressed with this material, the possibilities of things he can do with this metal are endless, the only barrier that prevents him from using this metal is his imagination and soul force control.

Ming Zi after looking through the treasure room he went to the training room, the training room reminded a little of the gravity chamber of DBZ and also had the same function of increasing gravity not only in the room but also could increase gravity of the entire cave.

Do not forget, Feng Zaotian was an expert on the law of gravity. Apparently he also enjoyed experimenting with his laws on other things like technology because this gravity room is the most technologically advanced thing he has ever seen since he arrived in this world.

Ming Zi is now inside the library, in this place is all the knowledge that Feng Zaotian has achieved during life, inside the library there are books of various kinds such as sword techniques, melee techniques, soul force control technique and control of the energy of the law among thousands of other books and mainly in this library is all collection of pornographic books of Feng Zaotian.

Ming after looking at just a little of this collection was traumatized for the rest of his life, 'FUCK, how a skeleton can have so many strange fetishes, HOLY SHIT.'

Ming Zi has already decided what he will do with his time inside this cave, first he will study and understand the laws mainly the law of the sword, according to he will finish the second level of body culture technique, and third he will master the high level forge manual to create a new sword for him and fourth he will practice a sword technique because until now he has been practicing the sword in a chaotic and baseless way, it is indeed a miracle he has succeeded in understanding the law of the sword .

Ming Zi could already start making weapons with the high level forge manual, he had already understood the law of the sword and the manual only asks a person to understand a law or cultivate celestial energy, this requirement exists because at the high forge level the techniques to create a weapon are much more delicate and precise but at the same time it needs a powerful energy to apply these techniques.

------------------ Author's Note

Levels of metals:

• Level 1 to 5: The only thing that differentiates a level 1 metal to a level 5 metal is resistance.

• Level 6: They are metals that have soul force inside them, these metals are more resilient and they make it easier for a blacksmith to put a registration pattern.

• Level 7: metals that can absorb energy from the law.

• Level 8: metals that can absorb celestial energy.
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• Level 9: This type of metal is artificially created, when a blacksmith melts a level 7 metal with a level 8 metal he creates a level 9 metal, this metal can absorb both law energy and celestial energy.

Level 10: They are metals that were created early in the universe, these metals absorbed so much energy for so long that they created a soul. To create a weapon with this type of metal first the metal has to accept the person. (A weapon created with this metal is a Sky level weapon in its creation.)


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