Breaking the Limits
26 Self Torture
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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26 Self Torture

Ming Zi has read the contents of the high level forge manual long ago, he had already etched in mind all the words that book had then Ming Zi is confident that it will take less time to master this manual than he took when he was in the intermediate level manual.

Ming Zi built a small forge near the volcano he had in the cave, he will use the heat of the volcano as fuel to make his sword.

Ming Zi wants a heavy sword but at the same time he did not want the sword to be large, he wants a heavy katana that kind of sword is ideal for the body of Ming Zi because as he increased levels in body culture more weight he could to charge.

Ming Zi started the forging process, he is using the observation Haki to the maximum to get to see his flaws and improve, at the same time the observation Haki is also evolving, in fact Ming Zi can be considered a genius when the subject is Haki of observation since he can even feel emotions of people which is extremely rare for a haki practitioner.

Ming Zi noticed this in the meeting he had with Xiao Ning'er, he always leaves the observation Haki activated and this was no different in their encounter but he could not help but be shocked when sometimes he realized the emotions of Xiao Ning ' er, it made the meeting much easier for him.

Returning to the forge Ming Zi finished the first sword of the high level but unfortunately this sword is not perfect, if someone saw Ming Zi throw that sword to the side as if it were garbage he spit a lot of blood, this sword is a rare sword until even in the draconic ruins this is an Earth-level sword, these swords are extremely rare to find or even manufacture, but Ming Zi is throwing it away if it were rubbish.

Ming Zi began again the process of forging, this time he committed far fewer mistakes than the first time, he kept trying and a week passed so until he finally managed to make a perfect sword, the sword is a katana with a blade completely black, the sword hilt is also black but has some details in red and this sword weighs more than 100,000Kg, nor does Ming Zi manage to lift that sword.
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"Ahhhhhh, so beautiful you are, I made you inspired by Bankai from Ichigo Kurosaki so in honor I'll call you 'Tensa Zangetsu'." Ming Zi spoke admiring his own work, this is not only a heavy sword she was made with the best materials that Ming Zi encountered, level 7 metals and the best minerals found in the treasure room were brought together to create this Zangetsu.

After finishing the sword Ming Zi put her inside the scabbard and left the sword resting in the corner of the forge, Ming Zi still was not deserving to wield a sword of that level he needs to start from the basics until he reaches the level in which he deserves to wield Zangetsu with proud.

So he went to the library to study the laws and find a sword technique appropriate for heavy swords.

During Ming Zi's research on laws he discovers that laws have two major levels, the first is 'feeling the laws' depending on the affinity of a person or the environment in which they live that person may feel certain law, this is the level that Ming Zi is in the law of the sword he can only feel the law of the sword and use a small amount of it.

The second level is 'law manipulation', at that level a person can manipulate the law he uses in any way he wants but the degree to which a person can manipulate a particular law will depend on the person's understanding.

Ming Zi is impressed by the power of laws, indeed laws are far more powerful than celestial energy, but a law can only demonstrate its true power if the user of the law is able to understand and use in a creative way laws, celestial energy it is only more used than the laws because it is an energy that does not need understanding you just need to store celestial energy in realm soul and you can already use it.

Ming Zi will be different from the other cultivators he will cultivate both energies equally, Ming Zi wants to know what will happen if he unites celestial energy with the energy of the law, 'HAHAHAHAHA, it's going to be really interesting, I'm lucky I've watched several Animes in my past life. ' Ming Zi spoke to himself, he is sure the anime and novels he read gave a great base of ideas for him to use with the energy of the laws.

Ming Zi also found a technique of sword the technique is called 'annihilation of the emperor', this is a very powerful heavy sword technique you can notice by the arrogant name that the technique has, but the name does justice to the power of the technique since in The final stages of this technique would make even the Heavens a little afraid.

Ming Zi is now in the training room, before starting the real training Ming Zi wants to finish the second level of body-building technique, and he decided that today he will endure all the torture at one time, so he began to circulate soul force inside his body to break the bones.

Ming Zi's face is squirming due to the extremely pain of this technique, he only made one hundred cycles and he is already almost fainting but with sheer willpower and perseverance he continued, during the self torture of Ming Zi he is releasing many waves of Haki's king, it seems that the greater the strength of will of Ming Zi the stronger the king's Haki stays.

The torture continues for more than a week, this week you could only hear the cries of despair of Ming Zi, sometimes he wanted to stop but he felt that if he stopped then he would be traumatized and this would lead to a demon of the heart, a cultivator above anything must have an unshakable heart.

With this determination Ming Zi manages to finish the second level of body technique, by the time he finished the second level he fell unconscious on the floor and he continued to sleep there for a whole week when Ming Zi woke up and got up the first thing he he heard his whole body beating


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