Breaking the Limits
27 Consequences
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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27 Consequences

After Ming Zi finished the second level of body-building technique, he gained the strength of a specialist demigod rank, he could easily win a fight against a demonic spiritual demigod rank, since demonic spiritualists are more concerned with soul force than than with body strength.

Spiritualists do not care about body cultivation because they fully rely on the strength of their demonic spirits, this makes Ming Zi an aberration to these people because he cultivates body and soul equally.

Ming Zi had to control the strength he gained, it is always so with this cultivation technique after passing from a level the practitioner has to adapt to the strength he gained, but Ming Zi is in the perfect place to control the strength, the endless desert

Ming Zi spent a few days fighting spiritual beasts to control the force, now in this small world there are few people who can defeat Ming Zi but he is not happy about it he wants to go to the Draconicas ruins and find powerful opponents. But before he will train seriously during those months he has.

Ming Zi noted that it was not only a sword technique that he needs, he is basically useless in a melee combat he may have brute force but he does not know with using this force, so he added some close combat techniques in the list of Things to train Ming Zi did not want to be a master in close combat, he just wanted to know enough to protect himself if his sword falls or he is without the sword or his laws have no effect on anyone.

Ming Zi has ten months before he has to return to the city of glory, knowing that he scheduled all the time he passes inside the cave, unfortunately he will have to give up the trip he was making but he can make that trip when he come back from the draconic ruins.

Month 1/10

For melee combat training Ming Zi decided to train in the endless desert, he did not take his sword and he also does not want to use the Haki's observation because if he used it would not be fun, he will only use the body and the Haki of armaments.

The techniques he chose to practice this month were Taekwondo and boxing, these were the easiest techniques to learn throughout the library so Ming Zi chose them.

It was very easy to learn these techniques, since he did not want to become a master, he just wanted to know how to protect himself.

Month 2/10

This month he decided to start training the technique of annihilation of the emperor. This is a rather arrogant technique, this technique is concerned exclusively with the attack leaving aside the defense, this technique also follows a philosophy, 'if someone wields a heavy sword the objective of that person is to protect, then the person who wields a heavy sword must NEVER back down and ALWAYS must protect. '

To learn the principles of the technique Ming Zi went to a special place inside the endless desert, in this place there are only beasts of legend and demigods rank.

Ming Zi fought every day with these beasts he almost died countless times, but this also gave him great benefits like the Haki of the weaponry that reached a level never before seen, now Ming Zi does not have to activate or deactivate the Haki of the armament Haki has merged with the body of Ming Zi. Maybe that was the maximum level of Haki's weaponry, when the defense is part of the user a good thing is that he did not get the black skin color same as when he activates Haki, his skin continues the same skin tanned by the sun of the desert.

The observation Haki also improved, now Ming Zi can see a few seconds in the future and his Haki range is over 20Km. Another thing that improved was the swordmanship of Ming Zi now that he had a technique to follow became easier to use the sword, the sword that Ming Zi is wearing is one of the swords he considered a fault while he was forging that sword weighs over 50,000 kg.

Month 3 and 4/10

In these two months Ming Zi has devoted himself completely to understand and manipulate the law of the sword, as Feng Zaotian said this law is extremely difficult to master, Ming Zi could feel the power of sword law but he can not handle completely.

He is training inside the training room, he has adjusted the room to 5X gravity and is making moves with the sword while his eyes are blindfolded, Ming Zi is using the observation Haki to better feel the law of the sword and this is working .

As he feels the law of the sword is easier for him to manipulate this law, a white energy is enveloping the sword of Ming Zi. This is the law manifesting in the world, Ming Zi made a horizontal cut and the energy of the sword responded (I go call KI from the sword) the KI of the sword advanced and made a small cut on the wall.

Unknown to Ming Zi but he had just entered the third level of swordmanship 'master of the sword', at that level the practitioner is already able to use the KI of the sword in the attacks.

Ming Zi spent the rest of these two months perfecting the way he uses the KI of the sword, he also borrowed some anime techniques that he watched.

Gravity also helped Ming Zi's body to get stronger as he was using sword movements, gravity eventually improving his body, if in the second level of body technique he can lift 50,000Kg now he could lift 60,000Kg an increase of ten tons in strength is not bad at all.

Month 5/10

During the time he spent in the gravity chamber, Ming Zi began to feel the law of gravity and this law was incredible but it is also extremely difficult just to feel the law imagine trying to manipulate it.

Ming Zi took the whole month to understand a bit about the law of gravity, but it was enough to at least get him to increase and decrease the gravity in his body which will help a lot when he is training.

Month 6/10

Ming Zi wanted to try to train with the divine metals that merged with his soul but when he tried to use the divine metals he had a problem, Ming Zi did not have a good control over the soul force that caused him to misuse the divine metals.

So he used one of the soul force control techniques he found in the palace library, the technique was basically the Naruto chakra control training, Ming Zi started with the training with the sheet, then he had to train to walk on the trees, which was a bit difficult, he also began to walk on the waters. This training made Ming Zi much better control over the soul force.

Month 7 and 8/10

Ming Zi after training the soul force control began to train with the divine metals, he got the idea of ​​how to use these divine metals of the anime Naruto when Naruto acquires the Thurh-seeking ball.

To train he decided to go to, the endless Desert, fight with the spiritual beasts demigod Rank, he will only use the Thurh-seeking ball to fight. And for two months he fought between life and death against these beasts.

The beasts already knew and hated Ming Zi so when these beasts once again saw this human they did not restrain themselves, this two months were quite intense for Ming Zi but this yielded a perfect manipulation on the Thurh-seeking ball.

This metal has a 'life of its own' but in fact they are only trying to make the master not die, they always defended their master so this metal always defended Ming Zi when he did not have time to defend himself, they could also be shaped into weapons like rods and spears, making these metals perfect for both attack and defense.

Month 9/10

Ming Zi noted that physical training will also be essential, he was very dependent on the cultivate body techinque that he eventually forgot that he could get stronger alone.

In fact the body cultivate technique is a shortcut for those who do not want to train the body, this is one of the reasons the technique is so excruciating if a person does not have the body strong enough then of course he will suffer when he cultivates this technique .

To solve this Ming Zi spent a whole month doing physical training with increased gravity, he began adapting with gravity for this he did the Saitama training. After getting accustomed to gravity he adjusted the device to increase gravity in the entire cave.

Whenever he became accustomed to the gravity inside the cave Ming Zi increases again, this resulted in a 60X gravity at the end of the month.

This physical training made Ming Zi's strength increase even more, before he could handle 60,000Kg now he can handle 95,000Kg.
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Month 10/10

That month Ming Zi finally wielded Zangetsu, now Ming Zi felt worthy of that sword.

He spent this entire month getting acquainted with Zangetsu, for this he was again in the endless desert training.

This time the spiritual beasts had no chance, now the power of Ming Zi is far beyond a demigod.

"It's finally time to go back, I hope my princess is well and stronger." Ming Zi had a loving smile on his face as he talked about Xiao Ning'er.

POV Ming Zi

During the training I always felt lonely, I think I can not stay away from the important people for me for a long time.

I'm lying in my room inside the palace, in my hand is a raven pendant made of diamond that pendant is the same as my princess so I can always find her.

I miss everyone, this isolation is making me crazy, I miss the crazy jokes of Lu Piao, the severe sermons of Du Ze seriously that guy has to relax a bit and mainly I miss my brother Hao Tian, but nothing compares to the void that is not being able to see the face or hear the voice of Xiao Ning'er this is eating me up inside.

During this long training I had to kill many spiritual beasts, most had no intelligence so I did not care but some had already created a little intelligence, the first time I killed a smart beast was traumatizing.

I hate to kill living beings was something I discovered the day I enter the endless desert, but killing an intelligent being who is capable of thinking made me almost give up this life.

It was at that moment that I noticed that I am not in an anime, I am in real life and my actions have consequences and these consequences is my mental sanity.

That night I killed a sentient being for the first time, I ask myself 'what right do I have to take away the freedom of another living being?', But after a few months walking through the desert, only I and my thoughts have I discovered an answer.

'I seek MY freedom and if to get it I have to kill, then let It be.'

But even with that answer this did not take the weight off the pile of bodies I killed, that answer is just a reason for me to continue my path so even killing the burden of responsibility for a life is still going to be on my back.

I'm not going to become a psychopath, I know I'll always suffer when I kill someone, it happens because I'm a human being, but I'm always going to move on and never deviate from my path and my dream.


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