Can a dragon love a fox
1 chapter 1
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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1 chapter 1

It was five years ago that I had made this promise. not knowing that I will ever be able to keep that promise. But as the crown princess of the dragon tribe, I am obliged to keep my word. Now I was on my way to the fox tribe to marry their crown prince.

In order to know how that promise was made, let us go back five years in time.


five years ago in the dragon tribe.

"Miss it is time to get up". Her personal maid entered her room and said "today is your birthday. I know you like sleeping, but you really have to get ready now"

Kaida opened her eyes and looked at her maid. her maid was dressed in a traditional dragon tribe party dress which did her figure well. she had her long black locks up with pins. She looked beautiful.

Rei was her personal maid and she came from the branche family. Rei was only three years older than Kaida, even though you will not think so. she was very wise for her age.

Kaida stood up and walked to the bath. Rei followed her and said you do not look happy. "why should I be happy? It is my birthday, but my father, the king is not here. simply because my uncle is conspiring with the wolf tribe, and war could break out at any moment. And then I must happily celebrate my birthday?"

Rei sighed and helped Kadia in her dress. "I know how you feel. my father and his army went with uncle. it will be fine. let's celebrate your tenth birthday. everyone is anxious about the news, so give the people something to be happy."

Kaida sighed and walked out. Just then she heard a loud dragon roar. and a dragon stopped in front of her. "you are already awake? you look beautiful, are you ready to celebrate our birthday?" the dragon dropped her head and Kaida rubbed her nose. "let's go our mothers are waiting for us."


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