Can a dragon love a fox
2 Chapter 2
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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2 Chapter 2

Her dragon flew into the air. Kaida looked high. She saw countless dragon flies in the clear sky. Everyone of the dragons tribe had a dragon. With the exception of my uncle. His dragon saw my uncle true nature and refused to follow him. Cruel as my uncle is, he has used all means to subservience his dragon, with the result that the dragon took his own life.

Kaida was pulled out of her thoughts by the loud music. The people were partying because their crown princess was ten years old. Too young to marry but old enough to fight.

Kaida walked into the square and was greeted by her nine brothers and sisters. Of all her brothers and sisters she was the only one who had inherited her mother's red hair. But they all had the black shining eyes of their father.

Kaida looked up and saw her mother sitting on her throne. Her mother's red thick curly hair was like fire and came to her waist, her eyes were as red as rubies. She was small and despite the fact that she had given birth to ten children, you could not see it. She was neither fat nor thin. Her mother had a soft appearance and was loved by everyone. You will not think she was the most feared warrior of our tribe. Yes, more fearful than my father.

It is said that it is a miracle that my mother is married to my father. My mother did not want to marry and wanted to pass on the crown to her brother or sister. She had made a rule herself that she would only marry the one who could beat her in a duel. My father lost nine times until he won the tenth duel Rumor has it that my mother had let him win, because his determination had won her heart.

There was a dragon next to her mother. This dragon was the greatest of all, just like her master, the dragon was red as fire with eyes like rubies. This was the mother of all dragons, worthy to stand next to her master.

Kaida walked to her mother and greeted her. Mother I have arrived. Her mother laughed and gestured for her to sit next to her. Kaida sat down next to her. My darling enjoy, because this will be the last birthday with so much joy. Her mother showed a bleak smile. Kaide knew that her mother had probably had a vision and knew what was coming.


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