Can a dragon love a fox
3 Chapter 3
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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3 Chapter 3

There was plenty of dancing, eating and singing. Kaida watched if she could see Rei. She saw Rei talking to someone. Her cheeks were red and she smiled shyly.

"Hmm what does my cousin kyro tells her that Rei should laugh like that." Kaida did not want to dance herself, so she stayed next to her mother.

Her nine brothers and sisters were everywhere and nowhere and occasionally came to be pampered with hugs by their mother, the queen. "I wish your father was here" the Queen laughed with a gloomy look and looked at the sky. "You will see him soon again"

Then my mother stood up and walked forward. everyone in the square stopped and looked at her. "As you know, we are a tribe of warriors. As soon as our children can walk, they immediately receive warrior training. The time has arrived to show your strength. It's time for the dragonfight. "

The dragonfight was a custom with every birthday. Through a competition, the youngsters were given the opportunity to show their strength. Kaida could not wait and called Rei to help her dress.

Rei was already in her combat uniform. Kaida quickly changed clothes and walked back to the square. Just then she saw something in the corners of her eye. Had she seen it wrong? Yes it much be, cause nothing could have slipped pas her mother.

The moment Kaida walked into the square she knew something was wrong. The square, which was just very busy, was now with less people. She did not see elderly people and most of the children were gone too. Only children of ten years and older were still present. Had she seen it well? No, if I see my brothers and sisters then nothing is wrong. Kaida looked around and did not see any of them.


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