Can a dragon love a fox
4 Chapter 4
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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4 Chapter 4

"What are you dreaming about there, are you starting to get scared?" Kaida looked up and saw her cousin Kyro. He stood together with 2 other boys and a girl. Kaën and kayra were the children of my mother's sister, and Kyro and Koto were the children of my mother's brother. Because they did not differ much in age, they grew up together.

Kyro was the same age as Rei. He was tall with dark red hair and dark eyes and just like his father. His wide shoulders and muscular body showed that he took his training seriously. koto was just like his mother. He was twelve and was a few centimeters shorter than his brother. He had brown hair and brown eyes. He was not as muscular and broad as his brother.

Kaën and kayra were twins of eleven years and looked just a like. They had light red hair and light eyes. Kaën was not as tall as kyro and koto, but just like them he had a muscular body. Kayra was small and was filled in the right places.

My mother was still standing in front of her throne and looking around the square. "Although all children from the age of ten years are enough to go to war with us, I will make an exception today. I want all children aged 10 to 15 to leave the square through he south now. "

This news came unexpectedly and nobody knew what to do. Until kyro opened his mouth. "But Auntie what about the dragonfight?"

The queen looked at him and said "we do not have time for that anymore. The news that ensured that the king is on his way to the wolves tribe is fake. My brother is already in our tribe and I already have a strategy to undermine him. However, I need experienced warriors for that. How many times have you fought in a war?"

Kyro wanted to say something but the queen interrupted him and said we have no time for this. I have already sent the dragons along with the weaker ones. Now go fast. Only when you are at the shelter can it be locked.

Kaida looked up shocked. Locked? But then no one can enter? What about my mother and our warriors? Was my mother sure she will win this fight or..

Rei pulled Kaida along and said come on we have to go. How skillful we are, we will only get in the way.

The children of ten to fifteen years were just away when a big wolf came up the square with a fast speed. A man with an iron look in his eyes was sitting on the wolf. A look that gave the warriors of the dragon tribe an quiver.


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