Can a dragon love a fox
6 Chapter 6
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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6 Chapter 6

Kaida was shocked and fell backwards. Did she hear a voice? Who was that voice? She looked up and looked exactly into the eyes of her mother's dragon. No that is not possible . right? Did I hear her voice?

"The fact that you only now hear my voice means that you are not ready to become the mother of all dragons. Yet you will have to accept your task because it is certain that your mother will not make it through the night "

Upon hearing these words, Kaida collapsed with her arms in front of her mouth. What? my mother wil not make it through the night? How is that possible? Did my mother know her fate? Probably yes and she had accepted her fate. Then Kaida thought about her mother's words. Was she supposed to enjoy her birthday for this? Tears ran down her cheeks.

"Admonish yourself crown princess I give you the chance to see your mother before she takes her last breath. However, the condition is that you can only take 5 warriors with you "

Kaida looked up. "Do I get the chance to save her?"

"No, that is not what your mother wanted. She only wanted her people to be safe. I give you the chance to get the knowledge of your mother to become the mother of all dragons. However, it is an art that you will have to make your own. And that takes time. If you can not keep the dragons in line, chaos follows. "

Kaida was not happy with this answer and did not see the point if she could not save her mother. But she could not go against her mother's request. Her mother must have had her reasons. "How long will I need?"

"That's something I do not know. As soon as I have let you out, I will let the remaining dragons fall into a deep sleep inside this cave. When there is someone strong enough to become the mother of the dragons, we will wake up by ourself. The dragon dance wil speed up the process. Bear in mind that the dragons tribe will lose a strong ally and this can be detrimental in the rising war "


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