Can a dragon love a fox
7 Chapter 7
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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7 Chapter 7

"You got so much support and you're still no match for me" the Queen walked to the man who was lying on the floor. "Why brother? Where did it go wrong?" The Queen looked down with a sombre look in her eyes.

Even though he had his bad deeds, she loved him. Because their mother died early she raised her two brothers and sister. She was the one who sat next to his bed when he was sick.

The man looked at her with cold-blooded eyes, there was no trace of love in his eyes. Rather hate and a lot of hate. Its only one against so many, en she is still too strong. But this I knew therefore I have a trump card. the look in his eyes changed and became warm.

"Sister you know how my nature is. I'm just bad. Yet I have not forgotten how much love you have given me. With my injuries I will not make it through the night. Still, I would like to have one last hug from my big sister. The man knew her weakness and knew she would give in.

I will go peacefully if I can take her with me. If only she did not refuse to make me king, then this would not happen. But instead she told me i was not fit to be a king!

The queen approached him and sank beside him. She looked at him. Did he really think she did not notice? Only when he is dead will this end. Unfortunately, it will not end the war but it will end his suffer.

She leaned forward to embrace him, just at that moment she felt a sharp pain in her side. She looked at the man and smiled as she hugged him. "My dear little brother"

Kaida ran up the square and looked around. This was her first battlefield and it was overwhelming. She became light-headed and did not know what to do.


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