Can a dragon love a fox
8 Chapter 8
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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8 Chapter 8

Kaën was on his knees next to his mother and kayra was crying on her chest. Their mother looked so peaceful.

The square was full of dead and wounded warriors. it was clear to see that there had been a fight.

the square which was full of love and celebration a couple of hours ago, was now full of grief and pain.

Was this the result of a war? are these the times that are coming?

none of the wolf tribe warriors were still alive. The big wolf where my uncle was sitting on, when he came lay lifeless in the middle of the square.

This was the first time that Kaida saw a wolf of the wolf tribe. they were indeed big and terrifying.

"Kaida, come quickly" Rei and Kyro stood next the queen. Kaida came and sank down beside her mother, her mother had a wound in her side, but it was not a wound that could kill a warrior like her mother. " why?"

"Do not cry honey, you must be strong. Especially now that the dragons are not here. I have an important task for you. you have to travel with the rest of our people to my other brother. You are safe there. Do not worry about your father, he will save himself. Your uncle will teach you everything you need to learn "

Kaida looked at her mother and wept. "Mom the wound is not so bad. You will not die here! You are too strong for that ".

Her mother smiled "if it had only been that wound, then I could have given birth to five more children for your father. However, the knife that stabbed me was treated with poison."

Her mother looked at the sky and smiled " What would I have liked to see your father again. I pray that my children will find love like their parents " at that moment the queen blew her last breath.

Kaida and the warriors who survived the battlefield cried and mourned their fallen queen.


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