Can a dragon love a fox
9 Chapter 9
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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9 Chapter 9

It has been a year since the queen died. Kaida has been able to lead her people to the country of her uncle without any problems.

Her uncle Kai was torn by grief. Not only did he lose his oldest sister, who had been like a mother to him but his younger sister had not survived the battlefield either. And it was all the fault of their youngest brother.

Meanwhile, the war was in full swing and many tribes wanted to seize the opportunity to attack the dragon tribe. Everyone was aware that the dragons had not been seen since the death of the queen. However, the dragons tribe was a worthy opponent with or no dragons.

Her uncle was planning to go to the battlefield himself, but he could not leave the dragon people behind. Especially now that the south started to become uneasy. The wolf tribe had already attacked a few small towns and urgent action had to be taken. But who could he send?

While Kaida was training in the south, her father was waging a war in the north. She felt powerless can she do nothing to help her father?

Kaida was a natural talent when it came to martial arts. She was good with a spear. Always hit the target with a bow and arrow. And she had no equal when it came to sword fighting. In many ways she looked like her mother.

Kaida was tired of waiting, it is been a year it is time to go to war. Even if I do not go to the north, I want to defend the south.But will her uncle let her go? she had already discussed with kyro and Rei what she was planning and they were behind her. But will it be enough?

Does she has the ability to lead an army? Is she strong enough? Does she has enough willpower?

Kaida did not want to leave her nine brothers and sisters, especially now that their parents were not here. but she knew that her uncle and aunt were there for them. from the beginning they arrived they had only been treated well.


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