Can a dragon love a fox
10 Chapter 10
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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10 Chapter 10

Kaida walked to her uncle's room. "Uncle Kai I'm sorry to interrupt you, but I would like to discuss something with you"

Kai signed that she could come in. "Uncle it has been a year that I came here. I have grown a lot and studied all my mother's documents. I am of the opinion that I will not grow or learm more from any training. I need to do actule combat. The south is uneasy and the people need us"

Kai looked at her and saw the late queen. He felt a pain in his heart. "what do you have in mind? You know I can not join the army. Why will the army listen to you if there are warriors who are older than you and have seen more battlefields? Who will you choose as first general and second general What do you know about strategy? Do you understand what I mean my niece?

Kaida looked at her uncle. "Uncle Kai I will just take what is left of the army of the main family. They have sworn their loyalty to my parents and have promised to follow me in their absence. As the first general I will take your oldest son kyro. Even though it was not often but he has already seen the battlefield and warriors of the branche family respect him. Same goes for Koto and Kaën. They have warriors who see them as leaders and they are willing to follow them. Personally, I do not know anything about strategy, but Rei is a natural talent in that. Kayra has a good sense of direction and feels at home in every land area. This she has shown during the trip to you "

Kai was impressed. It was clear that Kaida had thought carefully and knew what she was talking about. But could he let them go? To the north? No! But the south will not be a problem right? After all, they were old and skilled enough.

"You are not allowed to leave the south. Your job is to get the uproar in the south under control. You need to taking care of an army yourself. Who does not want to follow you is not obligated. That was all."


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