Can a dragon love a fox
11 Chapter 11
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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11 Chapter 11

Kaida quickly ran out of her uncle's room. She had to find Her five main followers quickly. She knew that if she found Rei she also found kyro. They had been inseparable since they were in his native country. Koto would probably be with his mother together with her younger sister. Kaën and Kayra had gone back to their own country. But she had already sent them a message about her plans.

Kadia walked into the flower garden. There she saw her aunt together with her sister and her cousin Koto. Her aunt was a star in medicine. the flower garden was also full of healing herbs and plants. Koto and my sister thought it was interesting and were my aunt's students.

"Good afternoon aunt, how are you? I'm going to disturb you. I have something to discuss with Koto"

Kaida briefly told Koto about her plans and wanted to know what he thought of it. She saw that he was thinking "you do not have to go if you do not want to. I only know nobody else who I want as a second general "

Koto looked at kaida "I will certainly go with u, I also feel restless and want to contribute too. I was only thinking which warriors have even more knowledge of medicine. This will certainly be necessary with the wounded "

Just then Rei and kyro entered. "I have spoken with father and he has said that we have a week to prepare ourselves. Rei is leaving to go to her family this evening and wil look for warriors that she can arrange to join us."

"I have already sent my mother a message that I am coming. But i do not think that our tribe still has a lot of warriors. Many are with my father to the north "Rei walked to Kaida. "You can count on me, I will do my best"

Kaida was not used to being without Rei for so long, but she knew it was necessary. If she wanted to prove herself, she needed an army. She knew that even though the warriors promised to follow her, not everyone was convinced that she could lead them. Many also blamed her that the dragon tribe had no more dragons. What was a dragons tribe without a dragon


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