Can a dragon love a fox
12 Chapter 12
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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12 Chapter 12

The week passed like a flash. Despite the fact that the warriors were skeptical, Kaida had 200 warriors who were willing to follow her.

Kyro and koto had managed to convince 500 warriors of their tribe. Together they had an army of 700 warriors. It was a young army. Many warriors of the older generation stayed behind, in case the king needed manpower in the North.

Kaën and Kayra were able to convince 400 warriors together. They came from the Dragon Tribe in the South-East and would join together at Kaida, Koto and Kyro at the first city on their route.

Rei came from the tribe in the South-West and needed a longer way to go. That is why she woild join the second town on their Route.

With the help of my uncle, the wolf tribe had a good strategy. They had started at the villages of the dragon tribe far from the border of the South. So that when the dragons tribe will take action they will fight close to the border. That was the place of the battlefield that will be more favorable for the wolf tribe.

Kai was aware of this and already send a messenger to the fox tribe in the North. He felt that something was wrong. The wolf tribe was in the west but the war was waged in the north.

"Why in the area of the fox tribe when my brother had a conflict with the dragon tribe of the south". And why is it so quiet in the east where the snakes tribe is located. There is no possibility that they would keep out of the war. Especially because this will be a chance for them to fight their conflict with the fox tribe.

Kaida stepped on her horse and looked backwards. It was time to leave and show the older generation that we warriors were worthy to praise.

Kaida was calm and wondered if this was the silence before the storm. Rei had already proposed a strategy before she went to the South-West so Kaida knew which road she would take.

Kyro had already gone to South-West with 250 warriors to meet Rei heel and drive on to the second village on our route. Kyro was personal because he was worried about Rei and he missed her terribly. Even though he denied that he was in love with her. They were just friends.


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