Can a dragon love a fox
13 Chapter 13
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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13 Chapter 13

Together with Koto and an army of 450 warriors, Kaida left for the first village on their path.. It was already dark when she came near the village. Kaida watched if she saw traces of Kaën and Kayra. They would arrive earlier so they would set up a camp.

Suddenly she heard a roar. She gestured that they had to take cover and hide. Was it a wolves howl, were we discovered? no it did not sound like a wolves howl, but what was it?

Kaida looked around but did not see anything. She knew that she first had to join Kaën and Kayra. If she was attacked now, it was certainly not favorable for them.

Koto crouched next to kaida. "I know where Kaën and Kayra camp have been set up, it is not far from here and because we are familiar with these forests we wil arive there quick. What are your orders? "

Kaida thought about it. "Go to the camp and i'll stay behind with 50 warriors to investigate what that sound was. It is clear that it does not come from the camp. I'm afraid if we leave this for what it is, it could have a negative effect for us. "Koto nodded and left.

Kaida left with a small group towards the place where the roar came from. Even though it was dark, they had no trouble finding their way in the woods. For the dragon tribe children it was customary to be left behind in the forest. This will benefit their training.

When she came to an open field in the forest, Kaida was shocked. She did not know what she saw!

In the open field she saw a large gray fox surrounded by a wolf and a snake. The wolf growled and the snake hissed to the fox. The fox stood proud and looked at them confidently.

"I have never seen a fox and what an impression." It reminded her of the Dragon of her mother.


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