Can a dragon love a fox
14 Chapter 14
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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14 Chapter 14

The wolf and the snake flew at the fox. The fox moved to the right and bit the wolf in his neck, with a quick move he threw the wolf on the snake.

The wolf whimpered with pain and the snake sighed with anger. The snake threw the wolf away from him and suddenly moved quickly towards a rock. The look in the fox changed and he rushed to the rock.

Kaida looked at the rock and wondered what was so special about it. Suddenly she saw that a person was leaning against the rock. He seemed injured and not conscious. It was clear that the snake was aiming at him. Was he the master of the fox? If so, what happened to him and what did someone from the fox tribe do in the south.

Kaida divides her warriors into two. 25 warriors were responsible for defeating the wolf and warriors of the wolves tribe. The others were responsible for the snake and the warriors of the snake tribe. Kaida knew that snakes were hard to beat, so she went with the warriors to defeat the snake.

The snake went at the faster speed than the fox on the man. The fox was worried and growled. The man regained consciousness and saw what was happening. "Is this the end? I always thought that my death would be a lot more spectacular. What a disappointment"

Suddenly a spear flew through the air at great speed. The spear pierced an eye of the snake. The snake hissed from pain and came to a halt. The snake serpentine across the ground.

At that moment a girl with hair as red as fire fell from the sky. She pierced her sword between the eyes of the snake. With quick movement she pulled out her sword and cut her right sword into the scales of the snake. The snake fell with a blow. With a head roll she ended on top off the snake and released the mercy blow.

On top of the snake stood a girl of young age, with hair as red as fire and eyes as red as rubies. She was not big nor small. Despite being young, she had a voluptuous body. She had a fierce look with a sword in each hand. You could see that she is a worthy warrior. Who was she? Did she save my life?


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