Can a dragon love a fox
15 chapter 15
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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15 chapter 15

Kaida was on top of the snake full of adrenaline. She was unable to move. When she saw that the snake was close to the man she reacted impulsively.

She did not know that the spear was powerful enough to pierce the snake. If the speer had not succeeded, she would certainly have been in trouble She laughed "what is this feeling?" It felt great! this way she can fight all night.

She was taken out of her thought by a warrior of the snake tibe who attacked her. She blocked his attack and knocked him down. Then she struck him with her sword. She looked around and saw that everyone was fighting.

The fox again focused on the wolf. There were not many warriors of wolf and the snake tribe. Probably they thought it was not necessary because they had a wolf and a snake. The fight did not last long.

The man against the rock did not take his eyes from Kaida. How can a young girl be so skilled? How many battlefields had she seen in her young years? She was so calm and did not get anxious.

From what he could see, she was skilled with a spear. That was shown with how much precision she threw the spear. In addition, she could fight with two sword in each hand one.

After the fight Kaida walked to the man against the rock. The man seemed to be in his thirties. He had gray hair and blue eyes. He had stretched his long legs and with his broad shoulders he leaned against the rock.

The gray fox lay beside him and growled at Kaida who came closer. The man rubbed the fur of the fox and gestured that she could come closer.

"What does someone from the fox tribe do in the south? Is the war not in the north? "

The man laughed. It was clear that she did not know who he was. She reminded him of his son. "The war is being waged in the north, that does not mean that there are no other conflicts. There was always a friction between the fox and the snake tribe. By means of a false promise, I was lured to the east. " Before the man could talk further, he lost consciousness again.


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