Can a dragon love a fox
16 Chapter 16
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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16 Chapter 16

In the camp

Kaida sat in her tent. On her right sat Kayra around them there were a few warriors. Kaën stood in the middle and was boosting how he, together with a handful of warriors, had liberated the village from the wolves tribe.

Kaida sat slightly annoyed on her chair. Kaën liked a good fight and could not wait until Kaida was back. He then took matters into his own hands.

"Why can't you stick to the plan, what if it went wrong? Did anyone scouted the area before you attacked? "

Kaën looked at kaida "Not so annoyed niece, it went well anyway. And were you not somewhere where you should not be? That was not part of the plan either "

Kaida sighed and wanted to say something when Koto came in with the man from the fox tribe. Now he was standing, he made a great impression with his height. He smiled when he came in. He walked forward and sat in front of Kaida.

"So this is the crown princess of the dragon tribe. No wonder she is such a good fighter."

He knew her parents were worthy opponents, and he had the pleasure of sparring with her father, and the fight lasted until both were no longer able to fight, and it became a draw between his fox and her father's dragon.

"My name is Okuri. I am the king of the fox tribe. At the request of the snake tribe I traveled to the east with a few men. There would be a negotiation to bury the battle ax. I who was gullible did not think we would be stabbed in the back. "

Everyone in the tent was quiet. Besides the king, the queen and the landlords of the dragon tribe, they had not seen any other important figures from other tribes. And they knew that the fox tribe power could match the dragon tribe.


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