Can a dragon love a fox
17 Chapter 17
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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17 Chapter 17

In the tent Okuri told his story.

"we were welcomed with kindness in the snake tribe. Because we were there they had organized a large banquet. When they were feeding the foxes I noticed that something was wrong. My fox refused to eat and growled to the other not to do that either. Unfortunately it was too late and to have eaten a bite they fell down. Because they had eaten only one bite they were not dead but weak. My fox alone was not strong enough to stop the snakes and wolves alone and before I knew it, only my fox was over "

Kaida saw the sadness in his eyes. What a dirty and cowardly action. Was the snakes tribe so weak that they had to take such measures. Were they not warriors?

"I was lucky that I had taken worthy warriors with me. I sent my right hand to send a message back in the North. But because it was a fight against the wolves tribe and the snakes tribe, it was not an easy task. And somehow we ended up in the south. When I was seriously injured, I thought my end was coming. You have my thanks for saving my life. Say your price and I'll pay it "

Kaida looked at him and laughed "I just did my job. You do not have to thank me. I am glad that you are doing better. We are on our way to keep the uproar in check. You do me a great favor if you travel with us. I think that your strength will come in handy. And as a prize I will ask you if you are back in the north to assist my father in the war "

Okuri laughed. She will be a good match for my son. From Koto he had heard that Kaida was the crown princess of the dragon tribe and that she was eleven years old. He had hoped she was a little older.

But his son was only thirteen and not yet at the age to get married. He was in any case planning to support her father in the war by their good relationship, but he kept that from Kaida.

"OK, I will assist your father when I am in the North. But if I do lend you my strength I have a condition. "


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