Can a dragon love a fox
19 Chapter 19
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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19 Chapter 19

In the North.

Why are you doing this to me? And my son? I do not want this. Why does he have to marry one of those barbarians? Even if she is a crown princess.

A thin woman with golden blond hair looked at a man on a throne with a ferocious look. The woman was in her late thirties, but she did not look like her age.

"Honey you exaggerate they are not barbarians and I owe my life to her"

The woman became even more ferocious "that was your own fault! It was because you were too gullible. Even our youngest son who was only four years old at the time knew that it was a trap! And now you want to play with the future of our eldest son! And the are no barbarians? As soon as they can walk they get a sword in their hand. They are left in the forest by their parents. They know more about the taste of diffrent wine than that they know something about poetry.

Okuri knew that once his wife started to rattle, she was hard to stop. So he did not say anything. When she was done, he looked at her and said in a harsh tone "my will is law. The decision has been made and so it shall be done "

His wife turned red from anger and looked at him even fiercerly. "Well isn't that a shame because the princess of the foxes tribe in the Northeast can arrive at any moment. And there is no better candidate than her! She is skilled on the battlefield and has a seven-tailed fox. What does that barbarian have? The dragons have not been seen for five years! How will she be able to stand next to our son in terms of power "

Okuri raised his eyebrow. This must be proof that I love this woman otherwise I would have done something to her. And did she forgot that she was not a great warriow at all "Then send her back, or she stays for the wedding. I'm tired of your whining. I have to go meet the councilors "

His wife wanted to say something but Okuri got up and grasped her at her waist. "Come Haya then we can take a walk through the garden, before i go" and he lead her to the door.

"Do not think i will accept this!" Haya looked ahead and let herself be led outside by Okuri.


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