Can a dragon love a fox
20 Chapter 20
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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20 Chapter 20


Various colorful flowers grew in the garden. Butterflies flew from flower to flower. Okuri knew Haya was fond of the garden. He hoped to soothe her. Because the last thing he wanted was to argue with his wife.

When they were on their way to the roses, a maid came to meet them. My lord and my lady, I have come to inform you that the princess of the Northeast foxes tribe has just arrived.

Okuri was not happy to hear this news. He had hoped Haya was bluffing. Haya on the other hand, started to shine. "Send her to the reception hall I will welcome her there, I'm glad she came earlier than those barbarians"

Before Okuri could say anything more, Haya rushed to the reception hall

In the reception hall

A lady with brown hair stood in the lobby. She was tall and had an athletic build. When she saw Haya she laughed at her and then gave her two kisses on her cheek.

"Auntie am I glad to see you, how are you?"

Haya hugged her "Nana I'm so glad you're here, and faster than expected. I had not expected you until the end of the afternoon "

Nana smiled "I've come on the back of my fox. You know she is one of the fastest of the fox tribe. When I got your message i knew I had to rush over here. Auntie is it really true is? Is Huli really going to marry?" She looked sad when she asked.

Haya looked at her and said "if it is up to me he will only marry you. Come let us change quickly. He'll be back in a few hours from the Northwest. We have to make you so beautiful that he can not take his eyes off you. @@


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