Can a dragon love a fox
21 Chapter 21
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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21 Chapter 21

On the border of the South.

"Are you ready to go?" Rei stood next to Kaida and looked at her. Rei had tied a cloth in front of her and a baby was sleeping there. Next to her stood a boy from about three years with dark red hair and dark eyes. He looked just like his father.

Kaida sighed and looked at the landscape. She is going to miss the south. The south where the sun always shone, the forests where the trees reached high in the sky. She had never been to the north and did not know what to expect.

Her father and Kyro arrived. Kyro had a girl from about two years old in his arms. The girl had black locks and dark eyes. In addition to the hair colour of her mother, she mainly resembled her father. When the girl saw Rei she jumped from his arms and ran towards her "mama"

Kyro walked to Rei and gave her a kiss on her forehead. Then he turned to Kaida "Everything is finished and my men are ready to leave".

Rei and kyro married two years after the war. Whithin a year of their marriage, Rei had given birth to a healthy boy Kenji This was a sign that the gods had blessed their marriage. The next year the welcomed their Daughter Kimi, and six months ago she gave birth to a son Kaito.

Kaida looked at Rei and Kyro "are you sure you are going? It is no longer necessary that Rei is my personal maid. She is now the princess of your dragons tribe. Plus since your father retired who is going to lead your tribe "

Rei angrily looked at Kaida " you know that in our tribe there is no greater privilege than serving the main family. In addition, your father remains the king of all dragon tribes. It is not as if kyro leaves them without someone who can lead them.

The king stood behind Kaida and put a hand on her shoulder. "I know it is difficult to leave your homeland. I just had to leave my tribe for your mother. But I believe in you and I think you can handle it. And watching the natural phenomena in the south the dragons will awaken quickly. Your mother would have been proud of you.


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