Can a dragon love a fox
22 Chapter 22
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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22 Chapter 22

There were indeed signs that the dragons would soon wake up. The earth was shaking and the sky was crying. Kaida had come to understand that it was not just about how much power you possessed to become the mother of all dragons, but that you had to be a leader, you had to know your strength and weaknesses and be strong in your beliefs.

This has been taught to her over the years with ups and downs. And no one could bring her down at this point. She was not only older but also wiser.

When Kaida said her goodbyes to her father and nine brothers and sisters, she climbed into the wagon and left for the north. She preferred to sit on a horse but kyro insisted that Rei and Kaida would travel comfortably. Within two days they would arrive at the fox tribe of Okuri.

"Auntie why do so many men go?" Kenji sat next to Kaida and looked out the window. Behind the wagon there was an army of warriors.

Kaida stroked his head. With the marriage also comes the power of the crown princess's army. At the end of the war I and each of my general had an army of 200,000 men. We can not always depend on our parents' army. Unfortunately, we can only take 100,000 men from each of us. Kaida wanted to continue talking, but she saw that Kenji looked at her confused.

Rei laughed "how can you still not deal with children. You are the oldest of ten children "

Kaida sighed. Let me go to sleep because it takes too long. The wagonr is really going to slow us down. If we would ride a horse, we would be there within a day. She closed her eyes.

When she closed her eyes she got so hot that it seemed like she was on fire. She opened her eyes and looked straight into the eyes of her dragon. Her dragon roared loudely and kaida was startled.

Rei looked at her. "You sweating all over! you know how many times I've tried to wake you up. You slept all day. We are almost at the fox tribe in the Northwest. Okuri arranged for us to stay there.

Kaida did not understand. How can I have slept a whole day? It seems as if I had not closed my eyes for more than a few minutes. How is it that I am so tired when I have slept the whole day?


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