Can a dragon love a fox
23 Chapter 23
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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23 Chapter 23

In de garden

"You have called for me mother?' a man with hair as white as snow walked in the colorful garden.His eyes were as blue as the sky. He had a cold appearance but that did not make him less beautiful. He was tall, muscular and broad-shouldered.

In the garden Haya and Nana sat together to drink tea. Haya gestured that he had to sit down. Nana blushed when he sat down opposite her.

"Good afternoon crown prince Huli, how was your journey?" She looked shyly at him and when she saw him looking at her she quickly looked down.

Huli knew Nana since they were little children. He did not like her , but he also did not dislike her. What he could not tolerlate was the act she was playing. When she was alone with him she was not shy at all and she even tried to seduce him. He was also not dumb and knew why his mother had called him.

Huli smiled without emotion "my journey went well, I always travel well on the back of my fox" then he turned to Haya. "Mother is there a reason why you called me to the garden? As you know, the crown princess of the dragon tribe arrives tomorrow and am I busy making preparations"

Haya's face became dark. How dare he talk about that. Everyone in the palace knew how she thought about it. "Well, I do not want to talk about it. I Really Do not know what your father is thinking. Do you not think it is ridiculous. If you do not want to marry her, you just have to say so."

Huli looked at his mother. Ridiculous? That is softly expressed! I do not know why father made this decision. But I do know that I can not refuse, his will is law. Plus Huli had the pleasure of fighting alongside the king of the dragon tribe, during the war. He had great respect for him because he was a worthy warrior. In terms of strength, he was in the same category as his father. But Huli had never seen himself married to a weak person!

Nana began to get irritated that Huli did not say anything so she decided to take the lead. "Huli why don't we go for a walk together through the garden? I like to spend some time with just the two of us. "

Huli stood up and looked at haya and nana "I wish you a nice day. I'm sorry but I do not have time for this. Keep in mind that walk with me, I will have a raincheck "without waiting for an answer, he walked away.

Suddenly the earth began to tremble and its started to rain heavy. Huli had to hold on to the wall so that he did not falll. What is this? An earthquake? No, it feels different but what is it?

At that moment a maid arrived and turned to Haya. "As you have requested, I'm here to inform you that the Crown Princess has arrived in the Northwest fox tribe. It will definitely take another day before she arrives here. "


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