Can a dragon love a fox
24 chapter 24
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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24 chapter 24

In the Northwest fox tribe

Kaida looked around, the north is so different from the south. The climate was different, there were few forests. You could call them a park at most. Colorful flowers grew along the road. Some ze had never seen before.

The village looked very different from her village. The houses were big. Most striking in the village was the mansion. It was big and luxurious. In the south they only had longhouses. Kaida longhouse was large but it did not look luxurious. You can not take your luxury to the afterlife.

Hmm if they think about it the houses are only used to sleep. The dragon tribe ate their meals together in the square, soaked together in the lake.

A man with gray hair came to greet them. He looked like Okuri but he was not as tall as him and had a softer appearance. He was in his late forties "My name is Okato, it is an honor to welcome you. A friend of my brother is a friend of mine. You must be tired of the journey. If you will follow me"

Kaida nodded "nice to meet you Okata. It was indeed a long journey, thank you for your hospitality. Together with Rei and the children Kaida followed Okata.

They walked towards the large mansion. The streets were busy and everywhere they walked flowers were thrown. The people of the fox tribe cheered as they walked through the streets. They knew that Kaida would become their Queen. And despite his cold personality, the crown prince Huli was loved by his people. If it was not for his appearance it was for his victories in the war.

Rei walked beside Kaida and looked her eyes out. The flowers that were thrown were so beautiful. Kenij ran towards them and laughed happily. "Mommy look at all the beautiful colors"

Kaida picked up a flower. The color of the flower reminded her of her mother. She had never seen a flower like that before. It was the color red and shape were beautiful.

"You like roses?" Okata looked at the rose that Kaida held "My wife also likes beautiful red roses. Here in the North, grow roses of all different colors.Personally, I think the white roses are the most beautiful "

Kaida looked at the rose in her hand. "Oh, it's called a rose, I think it's beautiful. They do not grow in the south "


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