Can a dragon love a fox
25 Chapter 25
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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25 Chapter 25

They walked through the streets for a while until they came to the mansion. There was a small, fluffy woman at the gate. She had light brown hair and green eyes. There were two maids next to her. She greeted them with a smile "It is an honor to welcome you to our village and house. My name is Yumi and I will be your hostess for the night. "

 She gestured to a maid to come forward and said to Kaida "if you want to follow her, she will take you to your room. You have arrived late in the afternoon so I suggest that you freshen up first and then we will eat "

Kaida did not know what to think of Yumi. She was polite but it seemed more like she behaved like that because she had to, and not because she wanted it. In addition, she only spoke to Kaida and she had not even bothered to greet Rei.

She gestured to the other maid who was standing next to her, "take her to the rooms of the help in housekeeping. Yumi did not even look at Rei and did not even bother to speak to her. And turned around and wanted to walk inside.

Kaida began to get annoyed by her behavior. Who does she think she is to treat Rei like that? And what does she mean by the rooms of the help in housekeeping? Do the maids not stay in the mansion? Kaida insisted that Rei got the respect she deserved.

Yumi noticed that Kaida stayed in place. She sighed. How long do I have to act? Yumi stood behind Haya and found the princess of the Northeast tribe also a better candidate for her nephew. If Okata had not told her to treat Kaida with respect she had not even come out.

She turned and smiled "Would you like to enjoy the surroundings? If so, I suggest putting your things in your room first and then we can take a walk "

Kaida looked at her and looked her in the eyes. How fake can she be? If I first had my doubts about her, then they are now gone. It was clear that she did not receive us with pleasure. "No, that's not it. You only greeted me while Rei is next to me. I wait until She is also greeted "


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