Can a dragon love a fox
26 Chapter 26
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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26 Chapter 26

Yumi eyebrows went up. Who is Rei? Does she mean her maid? Why should I greet someone from low birth? It is rather that she should greet me! And the fact that she wants to scold me instead of her maid is already scandalous! She smiled, but in her eyes you could see the displeasure.

"I don't think I understand you correctly. It is not common for someone from high class to greet someone from low birth. It is customary for someone from a low birth to greet someone of high standing. It will have to be your maid that has to greet me" With these words Yumi, tried to insulte Kaida.

Kaida looked at her and laughed. "My maid has a name and that is Rei. And on this journey she is not with me as my personal maid, but as the representative of her tribe. And not just a representative, she is the princess of her tribe. So in terms what u just said, you must show her respect. "

Yumi turned completely now and looked startled. Why will a princess be a personal maid? What kind of nonsense is that? She saw Okata looking angry at her. What is his problem again? She was about to walk to Rei.

Rei, who had long since realized that she had no intentions to greet her. Waved her hands. "Do not bother. No one wants an unwelcome greeting. And nobody likes hypocrites. However, I insist that my room is adequate even though we only be staying one night. Because I have traveled with my children "

If Yumi thought she was insulting Rei, she was wrong. In the dragons tribe they were not so busy with class. Everyone contributed to the prosperity of the tribe. The king himself worked on the land when it was time to harvest. In addition, everyone in the tribe got the chance to present his or her opinion to the king. If he was wrong then everyone could point it out to him. Whether it was a landlord or a farmer.

Rei walked past Yumi with her head up high. She noticed that the maid, who had to take her to her residence, stayed nervously in her place. In a soft tone she asked "will you take me to my room I'll be happy to refresh myself"

The maid looked at her with big eyes. I can not take her to the rooms of housekeeping right? What should I do? I will certainly insult her and I can not afford it!

Okata shook his head. Why did Yumi have to behave like that? You do not treat guests like that. She has certainly planned this together with Haya. I really must have a good talk with her. "Your bedroom is exactly opposite of Kaidia bedroom. I suggest we go inside otherwise we will be still standing here tomorrow "


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