Can a dragon love a fox
28 Chapter 28
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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28 Chapter 28


When Kaida entered the dining room she saw that the table was full of food, everything looked so nice! She saw that Rei was already sitting at the table. "Where are the children"

"They are already asleep. The journey was very tiring for them. That's why I asked if they could eat earlier. As soon as they were in bed, they fell asleep. "Rei laughed when she said that.

Okata was at the head of the table, and Yumi was sitting next to him. Now Yumi not bother to pretend she liked them. She did not looked at them either.

Okata smiled when she came in "take a seat, I hope it will taste good. I would like to apologize again for the behavior of my wife. I hope that we can continue with a clean slate from here "

Yumi rolled with her eyes but said nothing.

Kaida laughed and sat down at the dining table "what happened is already in the past. For me, nobody has to pretend, honesty and respect is what matter most. After all, we do not know each other's habits and the unknown is often misunderstood. "

Kaida felt that Okata was sincere and wanted to build a good relationship with them. Yumi, on the other hand, was not open to it. She could not think of the reason, but she could not blame her either. Kaida will also want to know with what kind of ulterior motives another tribe entered the dragon tribe.

Everyone scooped up food and started eating. Suddenly Okata thought of the man who had introduced himself as Kyro. Where had he gone? It was clear that he was the husband of Rei. And since his name started with a K, Okata also knew that he was from the main family. But since they left for the mansion, he had not seen him @@


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