Can a dragon love a fox
30 Chapter 30
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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30 Chapter 30

Make sure everything looks fantastic! She'll arrive in a few hours! I want everything to go  perfectly! "Okuri was instructing the servants at the palace to do everything perfectly.

After five years he will see Kaida again. Because of the time he spent with her in the south, she felt like a daughter to him. He was glad that Huli did not make a scene about the marriage, but his wife was a different matter.

"Father just who is going to marry big brother? Is she really so special that everyone is running like that to arrange everything? 

A ten-year-old boy arrived. He had golden blonde hair and blue eyes. Compared to his brother and father he was small, but looking at his peers he was one of the longest. Despite being athletic build, he was not muscular. Martial arts was not his strong point either. Since he was the youngest, Haya did not want him to do a lot of martial arts either. His studies were more important.

"Hua do you remember the stories I told about the war? About the warrior who saved my life in the South.  She is the one your eldest brother is going to marry. I'm sure you'll love her. Plus she has enough sisters so maybe between them, there is also a wedding partner for you" okuri laughed happily

Hua looked at his father, it was clear to see that he was in a good mood. He was the opposite of his mother. 

His mother's mood became darker each time and she was anything but happy. Despite throwing father out of their bedroom, he was still happy and was planning to continue. His mother tried to put his sisters and brother against the crown princess of the dragon tribe, but like Hua they chose no party

"So here you are Hua" a girl of twelve years old came in. She had gray hair and blue eyes, she looked like Okuri she was tall and thin, behind her was a girl of 15. She had golden with a touch of gray locks and blue eyes, she was long with wide hips.

"Hui and Huan, my daughters! How beautiful you look! "Okuri was happy to see his daughters dressed up. They are growing up so fast.

Okuri and Haya had five children together. Two girls and three Boys. But where was Hu? Okuri knew Haya had called Huli, but where was that rascal Hu?

Hu liked to cause trouble. He often crept out of the palace to do mischief. Please do not let him do that today! "Do you know where your brother is?" Okuri looked worried

They looked at each other and said "no father"

"I have not seen him since breakfast father. He did say that he was going to ride his fox before he was going to get ready"


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