Can a dragon love a fox
31 Chapter 31
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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31 Chapter 31


After they had said goodbye to Okuri and Yumi they had left for the palace. Rei and Kyro were in the wagon with their children.

Kaida preferred to ride horse and travel with the warriors. She now started to get nervous and hoped to calm herself down. What kind of person will he be? How will he respond? What if it does not click between us? There were so many thoughts in her head.

She knew that from the northwest tribe they would be traveling half a day to the tribe of Okuri. They left early so that they would arrive there in the late afternoon. The sooner she was there the better she wanted everything to be over.

They were already halfway through the trip so they decided to take a rest. It struck her that there were few forests in the north and many open surfaces.

The soil looked rich and much can be harvested. Only she did not know whether the climate was good for it. At that moment she saw something moving in the corners of her eye.

A dagger flew towards him with great speed, piercing the tree trunk right next to his face. Wow what a precision, it is clear that she threw it as a warning otherwise I would have been dead. I already think she's  great!

"who is there? Only a coward would hide. I order you to show your face, I will only give one warning "Kaida spoke with a cold voice. There was no fear or in her voice.

A boy that was about sixteen years old came from the bush. He had gray hair with a golden glow and blue eyes. He had broad shoulders and was tall. You could tell from his muscular construction that he was a warrior. @@


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