Can a dragon love a fox
32 Chapter 32
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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32 Chapter 32

He had a smile on his face "my name is Hu, I have traveled here on my fox. Our tribe is in turmoil because the crown princess of the dragon tribe arrives in a few hours. Unfortunately, I could not wait and traveled to you."

Kaida looked at him, he looked like someoner but who? "My name is Kaida I am the crown princess of the dragon tribe. It is an honor that you have taken the trouble to travel to me. But it was not needed, because I'm not that special "

Hu laugh became broader. Not special? If that was not the case, how could she have directed that dagger so precisely? Looking at the distance and the obstacles, it was clear that she was skilled. 

"I work in the palace myself, if you want I can accompany you to our tribe? If you continue your journey now, it will take at least 6 hours. I know a route that takes you there within three hours, what do you say?"

Kaida knew that Hu did not speak the full truth, but he did not look like someone who had bad intentions " whats in it for you? why would you help me to get there faster"

Hu was bored and he knew he only did it to start trouble. he want to see his father face if Kaida was there earlier than expexted. Or his mother face when she say Kaida. He could not wait for that moment.

"well to be frank i just think it would be fun if you arrived a bit ealier"

Kaida did not know what he meant with that, but she could tell it was not a lie. She was already tired from all that travelling so she didn't mind it either. " Well Okay, That's fine. Follow me and i'll lead you to my men."

Hu blew on two fingers and whistled loudly. In the distance you saw something moving and it came closer and closer. Suddenly the ground began to tremble and a big fox leaped from the bushes. The fox had a light gray skin and six tails. 

He walked to Hu and lay down. Hu sat down on the fox and held out his hand to Kaida.

 "Have you ever ridden a fox?


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