Can a dragon love a fox
33 chapter 33
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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33 chapter 33

Kyro leaned against a tree and watched Kenij play along side the water. Next to the tree Rei was sitting on the grass, feeding Kaito. Kimi was making a crown of flower and she was laughing happily. Behind them the warriors were resting.

Suddenly they felt the ground quiver and they saw something in the distance, it approached them at great speed. Kyro did not know what it was, so he told the warriors to keep their guard up.

Just before them a large light gray fox with six tails stopped. Kyro looked at the fox and then at the boy who was sitting on the fox. Hmm, what is he doing here? What is he going to do again, he must have been bored in the palace. As a child, Kyro oftend traveled to the North with his father and had met Hu a few times.

He was not really fond of him, because every time he was tempted by Hu to do mischief, they got caughted and punished. And kyro more because he was a few months older then Hu.

Kyro walked to the fox. The fox lowered his head and let himself be stroked by him. The fox had grown a lot, kyro still knew how small the fox was. His dragon was a few centimeters larger at the time. He looked up and wanted to greet Hu, but he was making weird gestures and was that Kaida sitting behind him?
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"greetings my lord, I heared from your Crown princess that you are the first general. My name is Hu and I am a servant of the palace. I have come to accompany you to your destination. I can imagine that it is a long journey and I know a faster route " Hu winked at  Kyro

Kyro looked surprised at Hu. He really had to be bored and a servant of the palace, who does he think he is fooling? "Only a servant of the palace? For a servant you are well dressed and you have a well-trained fox. He is not only fast but also strong "


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