Can a dragon love a fox
34 Chapter 34
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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34 Chapter 34

The fox had layed down and Hu and Kaida slipped from the Fox. "Not so skeptical Kyro, even if he does not speak the whole truth, I'd rather travel three hours than six hours. I am tired of traveling "

Kaida walked to Kyro and stood next to him" Hu this is Kyro. Behind us is his wife Rei and their three children. Then Kaida walked towards her warriors.

Hu walked to Kyro and gave him a warm smile and put his arm around his neck. "Wow kyro my man you are married? And not just one but three children? I Really feel quite insulted that I have not been invited to the wedding. But I already know what happened to my invitation it just did not arrive on time? "

Kyro pulled his hand away "then the invitation is three years late and it is not going to arrive. And should'nt you think abour your cover? Are you not just a servant of the palace? "

"Why so distant? I thought we were friends, it's been so long since we've seen each other. I am happy to see you old friend. "Hu laughed and walked to Rei" greetings my lady, it is an honor to meet you and your children "

Rei looked up at Hu, it was certain that he was not only a servant of the palace. But it did not look like he had bad intentions. And in addition, it also seemed like Kyro and he knew each other.

"thank you for you greetings but the formalities are not necessary. I would like to thank you for accompanying us to the palace"

in the meantime Kenij and Kimi had run to their father. they were admiring the fox. this was the first time they saw a fox.

Meanwhile Kaida was giving her warriors orders to get ready to leave. She was in a cheerful mood. Despite the fact that riding a fox was not the same as a dragon, it did remind her of it. What did she miss the wind in her hair and the speed.

She had to move quick, the sooner her wedding was over, the better. Then she could prepare herself for the ceremony and the dragon dance.


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