Can a dragon love a fox
35 chapter 35
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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35 chapter 35


Haya looked at her eldest son. Around him several maids were helping him get dressed. He was dressed in the traditional engagement clothing of the fox tribe. He was wearing gray trousers with a gray blouse. Foxes were embroidered on the trousers and the blouse.

He looked beautiful, and for what? To marry a barbarian. Haya looked sad in front of her, could she not stop it?

Huli looked in the mirror. Why did my mothere wanted me to prepare myself? It will take a while before they are here. And I think my combat clothing are much more comfortable.

A maid stood next to him and opened a box. Inside the box was a gold chain with a pendant of a fox. Next to the chain were two thick gold bracelets with foxes claws on them. When he had put on the chain and the bracelets he turned around "how do I look mother"

Haya stood up and took a cloack of fox fur. On the cloack a  fox with nine tails was embroidered. She put the cloak around him and put her hand on his cheek.

"You look beautiful my child. I am a proud mother. I only regret that I have not been able to find a worthy wedding partner for you "

Huli rolled his eyes and took her hand away. "Mother lets it rest. we talked about this. Like father, I will keep my word " Huli wanted to walk away but saw that the door opened. 

Nana stood in the doorway.Nana was dressed in the traditional engagement clothing of their tribe. Like Huli, she had a gold necklace with a fox pendant, and she had thick gold bracelets with fox claws around her wrists.

She was wearing a cloack of fox fur that was embroidered with a seven-tailed fox on it. It was clear that his mother had order maids to make the cloack. @@


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