Can a dragon love a fox
36 chapter 36
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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36 chapter 36

Huli turned arond angrily and looked ferocious at his mother "mother what is the meaning of this? "

"Even if you marry the crown princess of the dragon tribe, it is not certain that the gods will bless your marriage. If she does not give birth to a healthy successor within a year, you can have a second wife. With this we will show everyone that a choice has already been made, should that happen"

Huli eyes grew dark and the anger could be read from his face. "Are you so low-sunked mother? With this you show no respect for the crown princess of the dragon tribe. Do you know what consequences this can have for us? Do you know how strong the dragons are? I demand that she change her clothes now or she is not welcome anymore!" Angrily Huli walked out of the room.

Nana was silent all the time and trembled with anger. How dares he? He did not even look at me and I am not welcome? I am the princess of the northeast tribe! I do not want to be a second wife at all! But it is better than nothing.

She pretended to be sad. "Auntie, what have I done wrong? I just did what you told me to do. Why is he so against me? "

Haya walked to Nana and hugged her "I'm sorry, honey, I did not know he'd react like that. He has always loved you. I did not expect this. I'll think of something! "


Huli  walked angrily through the corridors of the palace. What was his mother thinking? Everyone who is important will come to the wedding. All tribes will come togethere for the first time since the war. If we the fox tribe show such a disrespectful act to the dragon tribe, it certainly will not go well!

Everyone was busy in the corridors, it has been a while since the palace had been so lively

Huli looked out the window, he saw that the town was just as lively. The cheering of the people could be heard at the palace. He saw that flowers were thrown and heard loud singing.

A small smile could be seen on his face. If his people were happy, he was happy too. But what he did not understand was why everyone was already cheering and singing.


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