Can a dragon love a fox
37 Chapter 37
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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37 Chapter 37

Hu gestured that they had to stop. He slipped from his fox and helped Kaida to get of his fox.

"Crown princes, I think it's better if you prepare for your arrival at the palace. From here it is less than thirty minutes traveling. I assume that you do not want to make your entry in your combat clothing "

When Rei heard that, she made a leap of joy. She had been waiting for this moment. She wanted to dress up kaida so much, but Kaida found it more comfortable in her combat clothes. She did not want to know anything about make-up, so Rei did not get the chance. Finally the moment was here!

Rei went to Kaida and took her by the hand "come with me, the gods know how long I've waited for this" she gestured to two female warriors to follow them. Hu had gave them directions where there was a lake so they went there.

The two female warriors helped Kaida bathe. Kaida did not feel comfortable because she was not used to it. Normally only Rei helped her. 

When kaida was finished, she was dressed in the traditional engagement clothing of the dragons tribe. She was wearing a red satin dress. Around her neck she had the necklace she had received from her dragon. It was a ruby chain that glowed like fire.

Rei stood beside her and opened a jewelery box, in the box were earrings in the form of dragons and two bracelets with flames on it.

Rei put the earrings in and the bracelets around the wrists of kaida. Then she made her up and brushed her hair. "At first i wanted to put your hair up but your red hair fits so nicely with your clothes that I will not do that ." 

Rei keep two locks of hair hanging loose in front of kaida's face. Then she made two thin braids at the front of Kaida her hair and put them togethere in a braid backwards. She let the rest of Kaida's hair fall loose backwards.

Rei looked at Kaida and had to pick away a tear. Kaida looked so beautiful. She is no longer a little girl, but a beautiful woman. "Your mother would have been proud of you"

Kaida got tears in her eyes. She was so happy with Rei, but she would have loved to have her mother with her "Thank you Rei, I'm glad you're with me. I'm starting to get nervous. I do not know anything about marriage. What if I do not do well? What if something goes wrong?

Rei smiled at her, "it will be fine. Just be yourself. Even if it is different from my marriage, I am sure that things are going well. I am with you and I follow you every step of the way "she hugged Kaida firmly.

When Kaida returned, her warriors were astonished, was that their crown princess ?. They were used to seeing her in her combat clothes and now they saw her being completely dressed up. 

Kyro walked over to her and put a cloak made of the scales of a dragon around her. On the back of the mantle the scales formed a sign of a dragon.

Kyro knelt before her and the warriors followed him.

"May the gods bless your marriage and we wish you prosperity and happiness in your marriage"


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