Can a dragon love a fox
38 chapter 38
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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38 chapter 38

After Hu had accompany them to the tribe, He left and they were greeted by the first general of the crown prince army.

When the people of the foxes tribe realized that Kaida had arrived, She was surrounded by them. During the cheering and singing they threw colorful flowers and followed her to the palace. Everyone was nicely dressed and was in a cheerful mood.

During her walk to the palace, children came to her to give her various flowers. When her hands were full of flowers, they gestured that she had to throw the flowers in the air. When she did, the children danced around her until all the flowers had fallen to the ground.


"My crown prince, the king asks you to make haste and quickly go to the gate of the palace. The crown princess has arrived much earlier than expected "

He looked at the maid who was out of breath. Huh was she already there? How? She does not know the north? Huli rushed to the gate.

His mother and father stood at the gate. Beside them were his brother and two sisters. Where is Hu? When he did not see Hu, he knew immediately how it was that they had arrived earlier. Thank the gods that he was already dressed.

Okuri saw him and gestured for him to stand next to him. "Your future wife can arrive any moment. Are you already nervous? "

Huli looked at his father. He seemed more nervous than him. "I think I should ask you that. You can not even stand still. And where is Hu? I think I already have an idea how it is that they are here so quickly! "

Haya rolled her eyes and looked ahead with a sour look "she is not that special"

Okuri grabbed his wife and whispered in her ear "behave yourself wife, this is an important day. And are you not happy? after the marriage we can leave for your tribe and enjoy our peace "

he laughed, he was already happy to spend his days in peace with his wife and children, he was already tired of the council members and wanted freedom.


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