Can a dragon love a fox
39 Chapter 39
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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39 Chapter 39

"Father and mother did you miss me?" Hu walked towards them with a big smile. he greeted his brother and sisters. Then he walked to Huli

"brother what do you think of my gift? The faster she is here the better right?"

Huli looked at him coldly. "I could have known you were behind this. You love this,right? Fortunately, all the preparations are as good as done. If I do not take you in account, I would not be your big brother "

Hu made a sip face " you're not happy? Believe me when you see her you will be happy! Such a arranged marriage is not bad "he winked and stood next to his brother and sisters.

Huli shook his head and looked far ahead. He heard the cheering and singing become louder. In the distance he saw a woman walking in the middle. 

people were walking around her, they threw different kinds of flowers on her path. They cheered and clapped. The closer she came the better he could see her.

her dress was perfect, she had wide hips and a thin waist. Her height was small, but her chest was not. She had curly hair as red as fire and eyes like rubies. She had a warmth in her eyes and a warm smile on her face. She was beautiful. Huli swallowed, his brother was right in terms of appearance such a arranged  marriage was certainly not bad!

When they were almost at the palace, Kaida saw three people standing at the gate behind them four other persons. When she came closer she recognized Okuri, then the woman next to him must be his wife and the man next to them the crown prince.

He was beautifully dressed. He was tall and had broad shoulders. He was built athletically and you could see he had a well-trained body. His hair was as white as snow and he had blue eyes as clear as the sky. He looked straight ahead and had a cold look in his eyes. Despite his facial expressions he looked beautiful.

Rei saw that Kaida was looking at him. She tapped her gently in her side "well well your future husband does not look bad! I'm so curious about your wedding night! "

Kaida rolled her eyes and walked towards the gate


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