Can a dragon love a fox
40 Chapter 40
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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40 Chapter 40

Kaida walked towards Okuri and made a bow "my king, it has ben a long time. The years have done you well. It is an honor to see you again "

Okuri held her by her shoulders and helped her up. "Do forget the formalities, we know each other longer than today. And after all, we are almost family. Come and let me introduce you to my wife and children "

Kaida walked with him. When he introduced his wife, she did not bother to talk to Kaida. She only nodded with a cold look in her eyes and then looked away. Okuri pointed to the four persons who stood behind them. That is Hua, Hui, Huan and Hu.

Kaida was a little surprised when she saw Hu standing there. She knew for certain that he was not just anyone, but she did not expect him to be her future brother-in-law. She laughed "an honor to meet you, I have had the opportunity to meet your son Hu before."

Okuri looked at Hu and squeezed his eyes "I could have known you were behind this! But fortunately we took your games into account" he turned to Huli and put a hand on his shoulder" and this here is my eldest son and your future husband Huli "

Kaida looked up at him. There was no emotion in his facial expressions. He looked straight ahead and had a cold look in his eyes. He looked beautiful even with such a look on his face. He had almond-shaped eyes and his lips were just right. Not too thin and not too thick.

"It is an honor to meet you, I am the crown princess of the dragons tribe my name is Kaida"

Huli looked at her. He liked her even better from up close. Her hair had a nice red glow in the sun and she had a sparkle in her round eyes. Her lips were thick and looked soft. He nodded to her "Crown Princess"

Okuri grabbed Kaida's right hand and placed it in Huli's left hand. He laughed at them. "I suggest you go to the betrothal chamber then you can talk in private. Tonight we will celebrate your engagement. Most officials of the tribes have already arrived. The wedding will take place in two days "

Okuri walked to the crowd and addressed them in a loud voice. "My dear people, I thank you all for your presence. I am pleased to see how many people share in our joy. I propose to you, your future king and queen "

Huli and Kaida walked hand in hand to the crowd. The women threw flowers, the children scattered with flowerpetals and the men beat drums. When Huli and Kaida turned around to walk into the palace, the crowd began to cheer and sing.

"May the gods bless your marriage and we wish you prosperity and happiness in your marriage"


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