Can a dragon love a fox
41 Chapter 41
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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41 Chapter 41

Kaida was on her knees sitting opposite from Huli in the betrothal chamber. The room was luxuriously decorated and decorated with different flowers. On the table between them there was a teapot and a bowl with different kinds of cookies.

Kaida shuffled back and forth. What an uncomfortable atmosphere. Since they were in the betrothal chamber, Huli stared at her without turning his gaze away and saying anything. She took a sip of her tea. Do they not have wine or something stronger?

"Are you going to say something or are you going to keep staring? Or do you like it so much what you see that you are speechless? "

Huli raised his eyebrow. She's pretty cheecky! "I do like the looks of the outside, but I am doubting the inside"

Kaida glanced at him "how do you know how it is on the inside? We have been here for fifteen minutes and no word has come out of your mouth. I think it's great that you already know it based on that. You do not only have a beautiful face I see"

Huli laughed in his self, she managed to entertain him "I will get straight to the point, I only marry you because my father wishes. The first year I will do my best to fulfill my duties as your husband. Then I wish to be left alone to fulfill my task as king regardless of whether you give birth to a healthy heir to the throne or not "

Kaida looked at him. He is funny "you are right the looks are really beautiful to see, but the inside is indeed very doubtful. Do not worry these conditions are acceptable to me. The only thing I want is that I am not limited in my actions. "

Huli nodded "okay now to the important things. The party have been organized but di you have any requirements that need to be met? And in terms of entertainment at the party what is usual for the dragons tribe. To show that we are in good terms, it seemed a good idea to have a combination of both tribes. "

She was glad she did not had to organize anything, it had never been her strongest side. And what  does he mean by entertainment? It obvious that a drink game is being played and the dragon fight is being held? right? "What kind of entertainment did you have in mind?

"It is customary to play word games on such an occasion. Such as guessing riddles or composing poems based of a word "

Kaida almost choked in her drinking "you are not serious, what kind of nonsense is that? Where are the drinking games? where is a good fight? I am not familiar with this type of entertainment. I will only embarrass myself "


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