Can a dragon love a fox
42 Chapter 42
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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42 Chapter 42


Huli looked at Kaida and sighed. Is this why my mother calls them barbarians? "Then I suggest that we play word games at the party tonight, as there will be fewer officials there than at the wedding itself. And do not worry, what you do not know, I will know. "

Kaida layed down on her side and rested her head on her hand. I'm starting to get cramped from sitting on my knees and my head starts to hurt when I think of word games "What about the drinking games and the fight?"

She had taken off her cloak and by the way she lay, Huli could clearly see her voluptuous figure in her dress. He cleared his throat "It goes without saying that there will be a lot of drinking at the wedding, so it seems appropriate to play drinking games there. A week after our wedding is our annual fox festival. In honor of our marriage we hold A fight tournament, is that acceptable to you? "

Why is he so up tight? He articulates everything so formally "that's fine. How long does it take before the engagement party starts? I am still tired of the trip and I would like to take a rest."

She really is to laidback! "It will take a few hours, since you have arrived earlier. I will wake you up when the time is right. "

"Yes, thank you" Kaida lay down and closed her eyes. Before she knew it she had fallen asleep. Huli stood up and covered her with a bedspread. He looked at her as she slept. She is not boring at all, I wonder what kind of queen she is going to be. @@


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