Can a dragon love a fox
43 Chapter 43
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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43 Chapter 43

Huli and Kaida were sitting next to each other in the ballroom on their knees. Kaida yawned as she watched the people in the hall. She was already tired of all the greetings and wanted wine or something stronger. Huli looked like a statue and greeted everybody the same way. She wondered if he even know how to smile.

A man with green long hair and pale green eyes walked up on them. He had on a cloak embroidered with a snake on it. He had a necklace with a pendant of a snake and on his writs bracelets made of snake leather. A lady with purple hair and green eyes walked on his arm. She also had a coat with a snake embroidered on the back. She also had a necklace  with a pendant of a snake around her neck.

When Kaida saw them she got up and hurried to the woman. "Mamushi you came! I've missed you. I Have not seen you since the war? "

In the meantime, the whole ballroom was silent and you could hear people whispering in the background "why did she get up?" "Does she not know the tradition of the foxes tribe?" "It is costum that everybody walk to the bridal couple to greet them "

Kaida looked around. What did I do wrong? Why does everyone look so weird. Do they expect me to sit there all evening? She was not even allowed to get up when Her Uncle Kai came to greet them. 

Huli stood beside her and looked at her as he grabbed her hand. He addressed the man.

"It is a long time Salmus, it is good to see you in good health. I have heard that you were crowned king of all snakes tribes last month. My congratulations. You are the last official who came to greet us and congratulate us on our upcoming wedding. I suggest we go to the dining room "

Salmus laughed "thank you old friend and you congratulations with your marriage. I see that Kaida is already embarrassing you. Believe me when I tell you this is nothing. But her heart is pure, plus she helped my wife with the battle for the crown of the snake tribe. "

Huli led Kaida on his arm to the dining room. He leaned over to her and whispered in her ear. "You could not control youself, before the party started? I have told you it is not allowed to get up. Some officials see it as an insult and a form of disrespect. You are lucky that we know them "

She sighed "since I am woke up, you are watching my every step. You have too many rules, I could not even greet my uncle normally. Even Rei and Kyro who were there already needed to officially gave us their congratulations. And where is the wine, I am bored. "


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