Can a dragon love a fox
44 Chapter 44
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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44 Chapter 44

Nana stood in the corner of the ballroom with anger in her eyes. How is it possible that he reacted that way? Normally this would have been a situation where he would have become angry or let her resolve it herself.

Haya walked to Nana "come walk with me then you can sit next to me. I can not wait until it is time to start with the entertainment. I heard that this evening we start with word games."

The dining room was large and in the middle hung a crystal candlestick. The dining tables were placed in a U-shape and delicious dishes were on the table.

In the middle were Huli and Kaida. On the side of Kaida, sat the royal family and officials of the dragons tribe and next to them the royal family and the officials of the Wolf tribe. 

On the side of Huli sat the royal family and officials of the foxes tribe and next to them sat the royal family and the officials of the snakes tribe.

Everyone was happily talking to each other. Kaida was happily talking to Rei. She was in a happy mood because she finally got what she asked for. She drank a wine made by the foxes tribe and it was delicious.

Nana got up and raised up her glass against. "A toast to our bridal couple, our belly is full I suggest we start with a riddle. If I may start, I direct mine to the crown princess of the dragon tribe. I do not know if you're familiar with such games so I'm starting with an easy one"

Huli looked at Nana and his mother. I wonder what they are planning. He thought back to her reaction when he said what amusement he had in mind. It was clear that Kaida did not feel like it at all, and besides, she had drunk quite a bit and she did not seem to stop drinking.

Kaida waved to Nana that she could start and started drinking again. Huli grabbed her hand and whispered in her ear. "I think you've drunk enough now, the night is still young."

She looked at Huli and laughed fake "we of the dragons tribe know our limit, nobody needs to tell us. Do not worry, I'll help you up when you have pass your limit. Let us focus on your great meaning of entertainment "

Nana saw that Huli and Kaida were fiddling and began to laugh happily. " let's start. my riddle is: Whats greater than god, Eviler than the devil, The poor have me, The rich need me, And if you eat me you die. "

The entire dining room was quiet and all eyes were focused on Kaida. Kaida took a sip of her drink and looked around the room. It is not that difficult, she really made it easy. Just as she wanted to answer, Nana opened her mouth

"Take your time to answer, if it is too difficult I can also propose another one"


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