Can a dragon love a fox
45 Chapter 45
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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45 Chapter 45

Kaida looked at Nana and raised her eyebrows. I really can not stand her, I wonder who that is. I also can not remember that she came to greet and congratulate us. She looked up and said "nothing"

Nana looked up in amazement at Kaida. What did she say? "Sorry you can repeat that again, I did not hear it that well"

"I said NOTHING. I assume that the intention is to give the answer of the riddle right miss...

sorry I do not know your name because you have not given us your greeting and congratulations. But I see that you are on the side of the royal family and the officials of the foxes tribe. So I assume that someone has done that in your name "

Now everyone in the dining room looked at Nana. "Even though she is the princess of the Northeast tribe, she herself must greet and congratulate them"

Nana shook her fists with anger. How dare she put her on the block! Reluctantly she bowed "my name is Nana, I am the princess of the northeast tribe. Like all guests here, I greet you and wish you prosperity and happiness in your marriage. " Then nana sat down and looked away.

"I assume it's my turn? And on the basis of the previous riddle I assume that no theme has been established so I just propose one "

Nana was now ferious with anger. She does not even respond to my greeting and congratulations! She does not even thank me. I'll get her back for this!

Kaida continued "mine is also not very difficult and actually obvious. My riddle loud: I am both hungry and rich. Cross me, and feel my breath. Follow me, and know my wisdom. I am armored, but I do not wear it."
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Everyone in the dining room was quiet. Kaida had not addressed the riddle to anyone. and even though the answer was simple, it was clear that the riddle was a warning to anyone who had bad intentions.


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