Can a dragon love a fox
46 Chapter 46
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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46 Chapter 46

The days went by quickly and before she knew it, the day of the wedding had arrived. Her father and her nine brothers and sisters had arrived a day after her in the fox tribe. Koto, Kayra and Kaën had taken the rest of her army to the north.

The wedding was held publicly in the center of the fox tribe. Kaida was wearing the wedding dress of the foxes tribe. She had a gray veil of lace on her head, and a woven gray dress embroidered with foxes on it, she had on a cloack of fox fur. Because she did not have a fox herself, Huli's fox was on her coat  embroidered. She had a gold chain with a pendant of a fox, around her wrists she had golden bracelets with fox claws.

Huli had the bride's suit of the dragon's tribe, he was wearing red satin pants with a red satin blouse. He had on a cloack of dragon scales and on the back of his cloack the scales formed a sign of a dragon. He had a chain around his neck with a dragon's pendant and a bracelet with flames on his wrists.

In the center of the foxes tribe a circle was made of different kinds of flowerpetals. A priest stood next to the circle. Kaida was on the arm of her father escorted through the north of the center. the walked to the priest. Her father gave her arm to the priest and he escorted her to the circle made of flowerpetals. She sat down on her knees in the circle of flowerpetals.

Through the south of the center, Huli was escorted to the circle of flowerpetals on his mother's arm. Haya tried to laugh, but it was difficult for her. With difficulty she gave Huli arm to the priest and walked to her place. The priest accompanied Huli feather to the circle of flowerpetals. He too was sitting in the circle on his knees.

The priest walked away to a table. On the table were two wine cores, wine, a thick red woven rope and candle. While the priest was preparing the things one by one at the front of the circle, the people were cheering and throwing flowers


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