Can a dragon love a fox
47 Chapter 47
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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47 Chapter 47


When the priest was ready, he put his two hands in the air and gestured that everyone should be quiet. He turned to Kaida and Huli "let the happiness in your life grow like a garden where flowers flourish"

When the priest turned around to take the thick red woven thread, Kaida and Huli moved to sit facing each other in the circle of flowepetals. Huli raised the veil of Kaida so that her face was visible.

The priest took their right hand and put them together. Then he tightly wrapped the red woven thread around their hands "Intertwined, the rest of your life in a world full of faith, hope and love"

Then he took the candle and lit it. "Search together for the light inside so that you can drive away the darkness together. Your light can then enter the world, so that you remain faithful to each other. "

With the candle he burned the red woven thread. The piece of thread that was arround Kaida's hand he tied around Huli's hand and burned it so that it became a bracelet. Then he took the piece from Huli and did the same with Kaida.

Then the priest took the two wine cores and poured wine into it. He gave Kaida a wine core and one to Huli. "For you two happy people, our warm wishes. We hope that this day may continue in love and prosperity. With this wine you seal your marriage "

Kaida and Huli crossed their arms together and drank from each other wine core. When it was finished, Huli stood up and helped Kaida to her feet. 

Everyone started to cheer again and throw flowers.

In the center of the foxes tribe people cheered the words:

"May the gods bless your marriage and we wish you prosperity and happiness in your marriage" @@


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