Can a dragon love a fox
49 chapter 48
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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49 chapter 48

In the center of the foxes tribe everyone was celebrating cheerfuly. Huli and Kaida sat in the circle made of petals, and people danced around them. Huli looked straight ahead and occasionally nodded as guests came to congratulate them. Kaida had a warm look in her eyes and smiled lovingly at everyone who came to congratulate them.

Okuri stood next to Kaida's father. He looked at the couple and sighed. "Zuko Did we look that way at our weddings? "

The father of Kaida laughed "Okuri your marriage was different from mine. Your marriage was already established before you were born. And for my own marriage I had to fight, a fight that my beloved let me win"

Zuko looked gloomily at his glass of wine and thought about the mother of his children. Her eyes as red as rubies that had looked at him lovingly. The wind through Her thick curly hairs as red as fire as they rode horses together.

Zuko was taken out of his mind when Okuri put a hand on his shoulder "you are right old friend it was indeed different. But we are blessed with a good marriage


Nana drank with a sour face. It is that she did not want to let it get to her, that she attanded the wedding and not yet left. Why should I pretend to be happy with their marriage? Irritated, she took a sip of her wine.

"I thought this was a joyfull occasion? Why don't you celebrate my lady? "

Nana looked up. A tall and broad man stood in front of her. His hair was black as the night and eyes glittering like the stars. He was wearing a coat with a wolf embroidered on it. He had a necklace of wolf teeth around his neck and he had golden bracelets with a wolf on his wrists.

In a sarcastic tone, Nana said "Crown Prince Cuan what an honor that you took the trouble to chat with me. To what do I owe this? "

Cuan grinned "still as sarcastically as ever. Are you still so in love with your worthy crown prince of the foxes tribe? Ow .. now it is king since he is married to someone other than you "

Nana looked furiously at Cuan "shut up, you will throw more salt in my wounds? If so, you can go. I don't want your company! Everyone knows that I am a much better marriage partner than that weakling! "

Cuan looked towards Huli and Kaida and turned back to Nana "are you not curious how weak she is? Was the entertainment not in honor of the Dragon tribe today? I know for a fact that they don't turn down a good fight or a drink "

"what are you up to?" nana asked


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