Can a dragon love a fox
50 chapter 49
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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50 chapter 49

Cuan laughed and walked towards Huli and Kaida. He himself was in the North during the war, he knew that Huli was a worthy opponent. Apart from the stories about Kaida, he has never seen her on the battlefield.

He wondered why people in the south talked about a real warrior like the early queen and in the north people talked about a weakling who hid herself in the South during the war.

"King and Queen greetings again, In honor of your marriage I would like to play a drinking game "

Huli raised his eyebrow and looked at Cuan, who was standing there with his sneaky smile. Just when he wanted to decline his invitation, Kaida opened her mouth "how nice! I was afraid that we could only watch while other drinking games were played. Take a seat! "

He sat down on his  knees in front of them. Kaida called Rei and whispered something in her ear. Rei nodded and walked away. "I will be so free to choose the game, after all, it is my wedding day" there was a glint in Kaida's eyes.

Huli sighed "since my queen wants to play, I give her the honor and I will watch" he had no intention of participating and actually didn't want to waste words on Cuan.

Rei arrived with Kyro and koto. Kyro carried a wooden barrel over his shoulder and Koto had a small table in his arms. Koto put the table between Kaida and Cuan and kyro put the barrel beside Kaida. Rei placed two small glasses on the barrel.

Cuan looked surprised at Kaida "it looks like you've already chosen the game. May I ask what is in the barrel?"

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"Yes we are going to armwrestle, the loser drinks two shots of liquor from the barrel. Since it is a liquor brewed in the dragon tribe and you are not familiar with it, we will keep it at two shots"

He laughed, does she think I can't handle it? It's just a drink! "How many shots does the loser normaly drink?"


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