Can a dragon love a fox
51 chapter 50
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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51 chapter 50

Huli looked at Kaida and was also curious about the answer. She smiled and took the glasses from the barrel and poured liquor into them. She gave one to Cuan "That depends on who is playing it varies from five to ten shots." She raised her glass and took a shot. "Cheers"

Cuan took the glass and took a shot "cheers." Cuan coughed loudly and grabbed his throat. It was as if his throat was on fire. What kind of liquor is this? And I have to drink two of these if i lose?

He looked at Kaida. She smiled at him. Why does it seem like she has been drinking water? "Let us indeed leave it at two. This is a liquor like no other! "

Kaida took her glass and poured liquor into it again and gave it to Huli. Even though it had only been a second, she had noticed that his facial expression changed when he saw Cuan's reaction from the liqour.

Huli looked at the glass and took a shot. His throat started to burn. It was because  he was used to the liquor brewed by the fox tribe otherwise he will have the same reaction as Cuan. No wonder she kept nagging for good drinks.

"Shall we begin" Kaida put her elbow on the table and held her hand open and looked at Cuan

He puts his elbow on the table and took her hand "as long as you don't blame me if you're too drunk on your wedding night"

Rei came and stood beside them, checking their arms and hands. " ready Set Go"

Before Cuan realized, his hand lay flat on the table. He looked at Kaida in surprise. Did I underestimate her? What was that brutal force that i felt? This was certainly not a weakling!

Rei walked over to him and gave him a glass of liquor. When he had drunk two shots, he was already light in his head. ' again!"

Cuan and Kaida had already played ten rounds and he had not won one round. Huli could tell that Cuan was drunk and gestured to the first general of the wolf tribe to come.


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